2018 Schedule

Opening Day:  Smithtown, NY                  4/14/18

Birthplace of Baseball Classic                      4/30/18

East Jersey Olde Towne Village           5/12/18

Hoboken Memorial Day Parade                    5/25/18

MCU Park, Coney Island, NY                  5/30/18

172 Anniversary of Baseball                      6/16/18

Jersey Shore Trip/Parker Homestead                  7/7/18

Lincoln Park, Jersey City, NJ                  8/4/18

Jerusalem Mill Village Clam Bake       8/25/18

Bloomfield, NJ                                           9/15/18

Wright's Field

Bloomfield, NJ


11th & Washington St.

Elysian Fields 1800's

11th & Washington St

1866 Elysian Fields/NYC

New York Knickerbockers on Elysian Fields 1800's

Maxwell House/Elysian Fields Marker at 11th & Hudson St.

Elysian Fields 1800's

11th & Washington St

Pleasure Railways-Elysian Fields, 1800's
Pleasure Railways-Elysian Fields, 1800's